Little House can deliver school days for pupils on a class by class basis.

These are excellent as part of Science Week in the spring.

Little House School visits will take the form of an afternoon or morning class,-; just like a normal lesson in infant or primary school.

We bring one or two beekeepers, plenty of bee suits to try on and a range of bee product samples to smell, touch and taste.

Most children like to taste honey and pollen, so we bring wipes for general stickiness! Through our local beekeeping association membership we can also bring a demonstration hive which has pictures, eggs and comb in all the right places. The children like to puff the non-lit smoker and look at the beekeepers tools.

As part of the lesson we offer free access to our resources pack giving teachers simple KS1, 2 and 3 tasks and puzzles to take home or use in class.


Each class lesson is £50. Please get in touch to book a beekeeper.