‘Little House develops meaningful connections with the natural world.’

We offer you an insight into gathering seaweed, fishing for your dinner, caring for your liver with yoga, herbs and olive oil or planting up a bee-friendly flower garden.

We can help you address health issues through natural healing therapies; Yoga, Qi Gong and mindful meal preparation.

Foraging with us helps you understand more about the plants growing all around you, and what you can do with them for health and nutrition. We want to encourage you to take responsibility for caring about nature in the places we live, work and holiday.

When you walk along the river bank,

Little House walks show you which plants the bees are working on or how to boost your iron intake throughout the season.

We can give you a helping hand to re-evaluate what you see in the hedgerows, making natural first aid your first choice instead of zooming off to the pharmacy or A&E at the first sign of cuts, grazes or stings.

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