Reflexology stimulates the natural self-repair mechanisms of the body to recuperate and recover.

It restores the flow of vital energetics allowing them to flow harmoniously around and through the human energy support system until the immune system is robust enough to take over.

The reflexologist releases blockages in the body’s reflex zones of the feet and hands; stabilising the nervous system, reducing stress, pain, and restoring natural balance. The holistic principle is that the body will nurture and repair itself given the right conditions.
Reflexology is an excellent way to relieve discomfort and anxiety and is safe to work alongside conventional medicine to promote healing and improve well being.

It is safe for pregnant women and the elderly

A session lasts about an hour including a questionnaire and foot cleanse before the actual treatment. Although five or six sessions are optimum to treat specific health conditions, benefits are usually evident after a single treatment. There is no need to undress other than removing the footwear, although loose/wide leg clothing is recommended to gain the most benefit during the calf and ankle massage at the end.

Since 2003, NICE* has approved reflexology as a pain relieving treatment for patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The therapy is not suitable for people who suffer from verrucas, athletes foot or fractured ankle or foot bones. In these cases Reflexology can be done on the hands instead.

* National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

Kaye has just qualified in Reflexology at Wakefield College achieving awards for 100% attendance and Student of The Year.

Reflexology is an excellent mobile therapy being suitable for anyone who is going about their daily life, take an hour off, sit back and have your feet done at work, at home or even in the park!

You can book Kaye for an elderly relative in a care setting, or anywhere there is room for her reclining chair and footstool.

As a newly qualified therapist in Reflexology Kaye is offering the first 50 treatments at half price..! Thats £20 for the feet and £7.50 for both hands.

If both hands and feet are treated the price will be £25, these first 50 treatments will be first – come – first – served so please book straight away. Maximum 5 treatments per person.

Sam Whittaker, guest therapist, also recently qualified at Wakefield College; is working collaboratively with Kaye during the introductory period on Wednesdays, so you and your friend/mum/work colleague can both have a treatment at the same time.

To book the mobile foot friendly duo team for single or multiple treatments on Wednesdays please call Sam directly on 07792229353