An Iridologist uses an Iriscope to examine the iris of the eye under magnification.

In a similar way that a reflexologist uses the body map of the foot, so an Iridologist uses a map of the Iris.

A great deal of information can be gained about the constitution from studying a person’s unique iris.

This constitutional information describes the disposition of the individual from the basis of genetic inheritance.

This genetic inheritance is the physical and emotional body you have been given by your parents and grandparents.

Iridology is not in itself a treatment, it is a diagnostic tool applicable to most healing modalities and providing clarity for numerous therapeutics.

There are three basic constitutional types of Iris ; then we will look closer to determine disposition.

This is all genetically inherited and cannot be changed.

The disposition indicates the effect structural weakness could have in predisposing the body to disease. This can be activated or remain latent. An individual can achieve substantial health benefits from knowing and acting upon this knowledge.

Iridology gives information quickly and of course painlessly without any intrusion – helping the patient know where their strengths and weaknesses are – the underlying cause of health problems.

A thorough examination of both the left and right irides gives health priority information.

Further analysis of pigmentations, pupillary dynamics and other significant markings complete the consultation and a specific healing programme can be developed.

An Iridology consultation of 45 min with Kaye at Angelic will be £50, the Introductory price is £40 until Chinese New Year 2018 (16th February*)

If both Iridology and Herbal consultations are booked at the same time there is a further discounted price of £65. On 17th February this will be the regular price of £75. This will take 1hr 30min.

*Kaye is currently studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and will begin practicing Tui Na massage in 2019 and Acupuncture in 2020.

Kaye is now practicing Iridology at Angelic Holistic Therapy Centre in Wakefield and is offering an introductory price on Friday afternoons.

Call Kaye to make an appointment on 07717 055 378 or leave a message with Laura at Angelic.