Little House would like to know if you are interested in foraging opportunities to the West Coast of Scotland.

Here’s a guideline to what we would like to offer.

  • Day 1 meet in Yorkshire drive to Scotland camp first night in woodland with campfire cooking, tents etc.
  • Day 2 pack up drive to the West Coast Highlands make camp, go fishing on the sea in kayaks.
  • Day 3 foraging for seafood on the seashore, collecting seaweed using kayaks offshore/seal watching
  • Day 4 scenic walk incl. a nuts/berries/mushroom meander, cleaning up the seashore, removing plastic, seafood/campfire cooking
  • Day 5 last day- pack up camp, quick jolly to local places of interest, drive back to woodland camp
  • Day 6 drive back to Yorkshire meeting point say goodbye..


Please email me to let me know if you’re keen. We would provide all your transport from and to Yorkshire, food/wetsuits and tents you would need a sleeping bag,waterproofs, hillwalking boots, towels, cameras, hats, midge repellant etc. Price: somewhere around £300