This list is not exhaustive, bespoke is; made to measure beekeeping.

Often with the help of my volunteers, who come from far and wide to gain experience in organic beekeeping.

What happens is this;

You have an idea of what you want. Little House come to visit and we discuss how it could be done. Little House estimate costs letting you know as soon as possible how much it will be to implement your project. Sometimes if it’s a big job extra help will be needed, but usually the work will be done by Little House employees and volunteers.

Do you have a scruffy bit of garden?

We can make it into a bee garden, we can even bring you a small hive of bees. This is an ideal package for a works car park or unused areas between Industrial estate units. There are often plenty of forage plants around these places and in this way local businesses can do their bit for the precious honey bee. The advantage of using waste ground, or undeveloped ground is the lack of pesticides. Also, what with the honey bee population being in a critical decline, their value is always rising, unfortunately this means they can get stolen, so industrial estates can be ideal places for small honey bee colonies because often there is a security presence. Your employees can take part in ‘dinner break beekeeping’ getting out in the fresh air to see how their ‘company hive’ is getting on. Good for the bees, good for the employees, good for your company profile, good for the environment; good for everyone!

Bespoke is where a new beekeeper wants some one to one time..

Bespoke is where an apple farmer wants half a dozen hives in their orchard for the spring blossoms..

Bespoke is exactly that..if its about bees we will consider it so please get in touch..