Little House Needs Your Support....

Little House bees need access to forage. Little House bees are ready for you to adopt. When you adopt a Little House bee you support organic principles of bee husbandry and create an income to provide education in the plight of the honey bee and its environment.

You can choose to adopt as many bees as you like....

Please use the Contact Form below to ask us any Questions you may have prior to your purchase

Little House aims to buy some plots of land so we can plant fruit trees, hedges and flowers for bees to thrive.

Every day trees are cut down, wasteland is developed, bogs are drained, ditches are filled in, brownfield sites are redeveloped, more concrete is laid down and factories are built. Each and every time this reduces the environment where honey bees naturally forage. More than just supporting our business you will be creating a future for not only our bees, but other wild pollinators too. You will be taking responsibility for the stewardship of what natural environment we have left and creating places where our children and grandchildren can learn. Education about climate change and recycling is now commonplace in schools but it’s not enough.. We need to actually take control of places where the wild things live and ring fence them for the future.

Little House promise;- that we will only ever build low impact structures on our plots.

The more plots of land we can collectively safeguard the more likely our honey bees will flourish. We want to create places for learning about coppicing, or fruit tree grafting, or hedging, gathering herbs or making baskets. Once people have learned these skills they can take them home and practice them, show their friends and family and so cherish those blackberry bushes at the bottom of the garden, or the patch of nettles, the places where the little wild creatures live are important for the survival of garden birds too.

Adopt a bee now to take part.

Hello, I'm a Worker Bee Adopt me now for 50p.

Hello, I'm a Drone Bee Adopt me now for 50p.
Hello, I'm a Queen Bee,
I’m Special, You can Adopt Me now for £5.