Experience an amazing fun, relaxing

adventure & a synergy of the mind & body

through powerful mindful movement of

Dru Yoga!

Who is it for ?



Dru Yoga can be practised and enjoyed by all, because it’s not about wrapping your legs around your neck !!!

Dru Yoga is for everyone who:


  • Feels stressed & anxiety
  • Lacks energy & feels tired
  • Finds it difficult to sleep or rest
  • Wants to enhance good posture
  • Suffers from muscular back and neck problems
  • Would like to improve their health & well being

Take power over your wellbeing !!!

Palvinder Kaur
Dru Yoga & Meditation Instructor
Tel: 07914 672 684
Email: dharmayogainnerpeace@yahoo.co.uk

The International School of Dru Yoga is registered with the Yoga Alliance and the Independant Yoga Network (UK)