Kaye Angus
I am Kaye and I started this Little House business in 2016. I have over 20 years’ experience as a Herbalist and I qualified in Iridology in 2002.

I started my first Herbal Practice in 2003 in Pembrokeshire, beginning my guided herb walks on the Pembrokeshire Coastal path and the woods and fields of Ceredigion.

I moved to Yorkshire in 2009, its a lovely place, I can see why it’s called God’s own County.

I home-educated my children, so my career had to take second place until recently; I have recently qualified in Reflexology at Wakefield College and I’m now studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. I expect to qualify in Tui Na Massage in 2019 and Acupuncture in 2020.

I was raised on the Isle Of Mull, which is part of the Scottish Inner Hebrides. I learned about catching my dinner and using plants for healing from a young age but didn’t take any formal training in herbal medicine until after my son was diagnosed with asthma in 1993. He was such a little boy and the thought of him having to take steroids for the rest of his life challenged me immensely.
I studied hard and many bottles of medicine later he is now a fit and healthy young man who takes care of himself. I have successfully helped other asthma sufferers and make various specific Traditional remedies which use not only herbs but also bee products such as honey or propolis.

I started keeping bees almost ten years ago and hope that my experience will be of help to all who want to make an effort to care for our honey bee population. The honey bee pollinates about 30% of our food and 90% of all wild plants, it’s up to us to care for our environment. If we don’t protect the honey bee we will be eating only cereals and root vegetables in the future.

I’m always happy to talk about bees, herbs, healing, wild food or foraging… how we can cherish our hedgerows and make wise choices to enjoy these natural resources, not just for ourselves but for our children, grandchildren and the health of the planet we rely on.

Little House philosophy
Help me to help the honey bee..
Goals & values


We aim to protect the hedgerows so nature can survive all around us

Safeguard plots in wild places to protect habitat

Be healthy, stay healthy and help others to do the same

Get outdoors and have fun

My lovely adventurous family